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A Singaporean’s perspective

Andrea Makoto
2 min readFeb 6, 2023
  1. As a Singaporean, my red passport is very strong. I can easily travel to many countries without having to apply for a visa (in fact, I’m not entirely sure how visas work). I hardly face any problems at immigration gates too.
  2. Being able to understand and speak English is such a privilege and useful skill that brings us far across many national borders.
  3. Public transport in Singapore is really efficient & reliable, something I’ve grown really appreciative of!
  4. Everyone has their own travelling style. None is better than any. Travel far, travel near, travel luxurious, travel budget, travel fast, travel slow, just travel the way you want!
  5. Cheap is a relative concept. How cheap something is, is relative to one’s purchasing power, budget, consumer habits, and how much one values a product or service.
  6. There is no perfect backpack. Each backpack has its own features and cost. If you plan to be a backpacker, just get a bag that suits your needs.
  7. What you pack depends on your comfort level, style, and personal needs. Packing light is not a “standard” everyone needs to strive for.
    - If you want to wear a different outfit every day, you will bring more clothes.
    - Women typically need to pack more than men, such as bras and period products. Even the smallest size take up space and weight.
    - Your body size affects how compact your clothing can be.
    - If you have any medical conditions, then you must bring medication, which can result in a bulky medication pouch.
    - Some people have comfort items, like a soft toy they hug to sleep, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing that along.
  8. (Continuing from the previous point) Pack what u want, but make sure you’re able to bring or carry your luggage around wherever you’re going.
  9. There is always a solution to every problem. It helps to be flexible and creative! What matters next is whether one is willing and able to do it. If a solution is “too hard”, “too troublesome”, or “too costly”, try to find an alternative one.
  10. Being adaptable can bring you comfort in different ways, be it adapting to different cultures, accommodations, traffic rules, or food. Learning to adapt as I go has made me a less rigid-minded person!

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Originally published at https://andreastories.com on February 6, 2023.